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ECDL / ICDL programmes are for anyone who wishes to become fully competent in the use of a computer and common applications.  Each ECDL / ICDL module provides a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas which are validated by a test.

All across the world countries are facing many problems, governments are looking at cutbacks, limits, for example for trainings, for certification and similar. We see companies in the private sector locking their money, individual struggling, we have high unemployment and it is the time when ECDL must be more relevant and more important, and for many people ECDL offers an opportunity, certain for people that are facing a difficult employment, limitation, looking for re-skills, up-skills, improving their productivity.

It is a challenging time in all the world.

This year are challenging year for ECDL Foundation and for us, because we are launching new ECDL, new view, new modules and new certificates.

New modules:

New module sets

Fundamentally new ECDL has three groups of modules: Base, Standard and Advanced. This set have base of competence that everybody needs.

ECDL Foundation has identified four key modules that we call base modules:

Standard module group consist of these modules that not everybody need but they are recommended:

Third group of modules are advanced modules:

In Lithuania is it possible in test centres to take these modules:

  • e-Citizen
  • e-Guardian v.1 for IT specialists (IT administrators and parents)
  • e-Guardian v.2 for teachers

New certificates

  • ECDL Start is replaced by ECDL Base, which consists of four modules.
  • Instead of ECDL Core certificate now we have ECDL Standard Certificate.
  • The third certificate is ECDL Expert certificate for anybody that would complete three advanced modules.

And the last certificate that is a little different from others is ECDL Profile. So if someone would like to take different combination of tests, maybe one module or including some advanced modules, you can get ECDL Profile certificate.

ECDL Profile has a new concept of flexible and continuous certification, having ECDL profile, candidate will have possibility for lifelong learning process. Candidate would have possibility to choose any combination of modules. ECDL Profile offers possibility to add new modules and update older modules.

More information about New ECDL you can find on ECDL Foundation website: