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e-Guardian v.1 - for IT Professionals

 e-Guardian v.1 is endorsed partner programme designed for those who want to protect children against potential Internet dangers and to safeguard their own computers from unwanted access.

This programme is recommended for parents and IT administrators at primary or higher schools.

e-Guardian v.1 is implemented in Poland. ECDL Poland is testing e-Guardian v.1 on their own test engine system.

The main purpose of e-Guardian

The main purpose of e-Guardian programme is also directly help getting the needed knowledge to protect children from dangers on virtual word.

The main difference is that there is a formal final ECDL Foundation approved certification which proves the level of competency.

This is particularly beneficial for educators, parents and staff members of organizations who work with children on a daily basis.

What is the problem?

Children are not safe online.

The Internet is getting increasingly prevalent in our daily life. The numbers of Internet users are rocketing.

Moreover, the users are becoming younger. Although children and youngsters are frequently good in Internet technologies and understand their threats and possible ways to avoid them, they are not mature enough recognize the potential threats they face.

Syllabus of e-Guardian

e-Guardian offers certification covering areas:

Common means for safety assurance
Understanding benefits of computer system updates, need of user accounts and passwords, standart OS integrated security means, data protection and backups, etc.

Malicious software
Understanding different malicious software, threats of malware infected emails, securable usage of instant messaging, knowing security software to protect systems against malware, etc.

Electronic messages
Understand protecting from spam, email messages infected with malware, privacy protection legal act, email dangers from unknown senders, etc.
Securable web browsing and paying on Internet  Understanding Internet browsing threats, tools that ensure safety, encryption keys, distinguishing safe/genuine online transaction/commerce sites from unsafe , being able to perform online transaction using credit or debit cards, etc.

Children safety
Understanding that open communications between parent and children is important to keeping children safe, knowing about online predators, financial scams, malware, cyber-bullying and the pervasiveness of pornography on the Internet, system monitoring types and being able to monitor use of computer, being able to use software to control children use of Internet, operating system and software, knowing about children protection software, defensive software, quality anti-virus, anti-spyware, spam blocker, and personal firewall is and how to use them, etc.

The Lithuanian Computer Society (LIKS), ECDL Foundation's national operator has launched the e-Guardian Programme in 2009.

The e-Guardian certification has been developed in English and Lithuanian.

Although e-Guardian was designed locally, the content, structure and maintenance method is approved and validated against the ECDL Foundation Quality Assurance Standards.

This endorsement allows the programme to be distributed as an international programme to the ECDL Foundation network of Licensees.

The Automated Test

e-Guardian tests are conducted on the Internet-based Lithuanian TestEngine – the automated testing infrastructure authorized at the ECDL Foundation level. There are 30 questions in the e-Guardian test.

An e-Guardian candidate must achieve a pass mark of 80% or more to achieve certification.