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e-Guardian Project

The Transfer of Innovation project e-GUARDIAN was funded with the support from the European Commission by Leonardo da Vinci programme, which is a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Project No. : LLP–LdV–TOI–2010–LT–0071.
Project started on 01.11.2010 and its duration was 18 months.


Regardless of age, each computer user must be aware of the Internet opportunities and threats. To prevent distress, computer safety at home should be addressed by the parents, whereas IT professionals should tackle computer safety at work or at educational institution. That was the intended purpose of the ECDL Foundation Endorsed Partner Programme e-Guardian (

e-Guardian v.1 is a higher-level programme designed for those who want to protect children against potential Internet dangers and to safeguard their own computers from unwanted access. This programme is recommended for parents and IT administrators at primary or higher schools.

Teachers, in particular, should know about the potential threats on the Internet and the consequences that may arise out of unsafe Internet use. They should know how to manage digital data in a safe manner and how to recover lost data. They should focus on the safe use of the Internet resources, learn about safety and privacy on the Internet and they should be able to use e-services safely.

It was appropriate to take action, because there is lack of knowledge on Internet safety and there are no relevant Internet safety training standards nor syllabuses in national education systems.

e-Guardian project was dedicated to help the European teachers to acquire more knowledge about the Internet threats and measures to pass these threats.

Main purpose of the project

The main goal of Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project “Development and certification of skills for European educators focused on safe ICT and cyber threat prevention” e-GUARDIAN (LLP–LDV–TOI–2010–LT–0071) was to create e-safety training and certification programme, which could help the European teachers to acquire more knowledge about the Internet threats and measures to pass these threats.

Partner’s initial products were combined and adapted for this project with additional leading methodology materials into a complete e-GUARDIAN training and certification programme. The e-GUARDIAN programme is provided for the certification of European teachers' knowledge on safer Internet. This programme is adapted to pedagogues of educational institutions, who seek to safely use their computers and the Internet, to teach their students, and to protect them from the Internet threats.

e-GUARDIAN project results:

All the training and testing material was translated into e-GUARDIAN partners' languages – Latvian, German, French, Lithuanian and English. This programme is endorsed by ECDL Foundation.

About Leonardo da Vinci Programme

Leonardo da Vinci programme is aimed at the support and the promotion of the cooperation of EU countries, by the improvement of professional training. The main purpose of the programme is to unify the institutions of various European countries, including professional training institutions, employers' organisations, and other public organisations of all levels, by preparing the procedures of future professional training.

Projects of innovation transfer are multilateral projects, provided for the improvement of education and training systems, focusing on the transfer of innovations in the field of professional training, including the linguistic, cultural and legal adaptation of innovative products and processes to the national needs, created in various conditions. The aim of these projects is to improve the quality and attractiveness of professional training system, applying and integrating innovative content or results of previous Leonardo da Vinci programme and other successfully implemented projects into the state and (or) private professional training systems and companies in national, local, regional or sector level.

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