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In-Application Test Engine

Currently Lithuanian testing system (ATES) is on reengineering stage, and we are looking for innovative solutions to improve testing system. Our team has been created in application demo test. In-Application testing is the latest and most advanced technique of digital skills evaluation. Traditional multiple choice and hotspot testing does not always accurately evaluate user computer skills. Creation of multiple choice questions in certain cases is complicated, correct answer must always be given out among choices. Simulation based testing is better solution than multiple choice and hotspot testing, however it does not always allow testing of real life scenarios. In-Application testing allows evaluating user skills in real life scenarios, also gives possibility of checking best practice questions.

ATES administration system approved at the ECDL Foundation level stores all skill cards, tests and testing data, statistics in one place, allowing quick and easy way of information management, testing management, statistic review and other day-to-day tasks.

ATES administration system comes with ECDL Foundation Approved testing system based on hotspot and multiple choice questions.

In-Apps Test Engine is implemented as additional module of ATES Administration System. It uses the same web based interface for skill card management, result review and question editing. Web based interface allows management practically from anywhere.

Features of ATES In-Apps Test Engine:

  • Automatic web update features offers easier management of installations. In-Apps Test Engine core files as well as updated questions and new tests are automatically downloaded from central storage at the beginning of every session.
  • Centralized installation register allows tracking all installations of In-Apps Test Engine. Furthermore it allows tracking of answers, identification of testing computers that have technical problems, enables blocking of In-Apps Test Engine terminals.
  • Centralized rights management offers quick and convenient way to manage user identities.
  • In-Apps Test Engine also supports multiple choice and hotspot questions giving more flexibility in question formulation.
  • In-Apps Test Engine Testing module currently supports in application testing in MS Word 2007, MS Excel 2007 and MS PowerPoint 2007. Ongoing active development will expand the list of supported applications soon.

InApps Test Engine was developed with multi-language support.

Offline testing mode allows testing in case of internet connection failures. Test results are automatically sent to central server and evaluated once internet connection is restored.